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Give your listings a competitive edge by offering the luxury of a kitchen pre-stocked with high quality, health-conscious foods and snacks, while generating ancillary income from your property

Stocked Kitchen Co. opened in 2016 and is currently offering its services in the NYC, Queens, and Brooklyn areas.

We work with local businesses and national brands alike to bring your guests their favorite snacks and a taste of the locale cuisine right to their kitchen counter. Welcome your guests to your beautiful home by providing them the reasonably priced and unequivocally convenient option of delicious snacks and meal items waiting for their arrival. 





Hamptons (coming soon) 
Long Island (coming soon)               

restocking hours

M-Th 7a–11p
F-Sa 7a–7p
Su 10a–11p

Likelihood of purchasing food from pre-stocked kitchens

92% of guests surveyed said they would purchase reasonably priced food items directly from their short-term business or vacation rental

Average guest rating bump from partnering with Stocked

On average, short-term property renters saw a bump of over 1/2 a star in guest ratings once they began working with Stocked, from an average of 3.41, to 4.37

Our philosophy: yOur guests

Our philosophy is simple: we are obsessed with providing your guests the most convenient way to snack and dine. 

To that end, our experience has been crafted to be exceedingly simple and fast. After a quick 60 second signup (really, 2 minutes tops!), guests are welcome to consumer anything located on the Stocked Kitchen Co. trays. We'll bill them automatically after their stay has ended, and send an invoice for their records. It's that easy.

As a special thank you for welcoming us to your home, every guest staying on your property will receive complimentary chocolates and mints upon arrival. 


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